C omfort, Convenience, Low Price, Safety You get all of these with an Under-Your-Bed storm shelter. It takes about 7 seconds to get into your shelter!

Models and Options

Queen-Sized Bed Shelter

King-Sized Bed Shelter
1-door Base Cost* $1850
2-door Base Cost* $2100
Exterior Dimensions 59-in(w) x 78-in (l) x 19-in(h)
74-in(w) x 78-in (l) x 19-in(h)
Interior Dimensions 50-in(w) x 78-in(l) x 19-in(h)
65-in(w) x 78-in(l) x 19-in(h)

* Additional shelters on the same order for the same house receive a 25% discount
   Prices do not include delivery,  installation or shipping
   Financing as low as 0.75% may be available in your area
   Please call for details

About the “Under-Your-Bed” Storm Shelters

Our shelter is completely enclosed and securely bolted to the cement slab floor in your bedroom. It installs right on top of your existing bedroom flooring. Your bedroom floor becomes the floor of your tornado shelter. You no longer need to use your box spring or bed rails. Your mattress lays right on top of the shelter, causing the height of the average bed to be just a couple inches taller than normal. With a bed skirt in place, you can’t tell there’s a tornado shelter under your bed.

Headboards and footboards can easily be attached to the storm shelter. However, if you have sideboards, it is best to leave them off if at all possible—they will be in the way if you need to quickly get to safety. Besides, a bed skirt is much more fashionable and will dress up your bedroom. This is what we did with our personal shelter. Also, if the master bed isn't going to work, you could use a different bed in a spare bedroom.

2 Door or 1 Door, What Do I Need?

The most popular option is the 2-door version so each person can quickly enter the shelter from their side of the bed, without waiting on their bed partner to enter first.

If you sleep alone then you only need a 1-door shelter. If you want the absolute lowest priced storm shelter available, and waiting on another person to enter isn’t a problem, then the one door shelter is the best option for you.

Upgrade from a one door to a two door for a reasonable price.

Four Exits = Much Less Likely to Get Trapped Inside

We know getting trapped inside your storm shelter is a common fear among people. For that reason, our tornado shelter is designed with four ways to exit from the two door version, and three ways to exit the one door version. Most competitors only offer one way out of their shelters, so if the exit is blocked or becomes damaged and cannot open, you may be trapped inside.

Two-door version: Our two door version has a normal entry/exit door located on both sides of the bed. Since these doors are separated by the width of your bed, it’s unlikely that debris would block both of these doors; but if it did, there is also an escape hatch on each side of the bed. The escape hatch is a 25”x 19” tall plate at the head of your bed that is easily removable from the inside of your shelter. This allows you to find your way out of the shelter if both doors become blocked.

One-door version: Our one door version has the same door and escape hatch on one side as the two door model, but there is a larger (32”x 19”) escape hatch on the side with no door. 

How Many Will It Hold?

Each family is different. To determine how many of your loved ones will fit inside, decide for yourself how many could comfortably lay on your bed. That’s how many could fit in the shelter at once. However, you don’t want it too crowded because you need the ability to move around inside the shelter in order to remove the escape hatch, if it becomes necessary. The shelter is designed with significant ventilation, so several people can seek shelter at once.

Strong Top Design

The way the large main pieces are bolted together creates a strong ridge down the center of the storm shelter. This provides exceptional strength to the top of the shelter against crushing actions and protects you and your loved ones from falling debris. The Queen bed-sized shelter has a single ridge but the wider King bed-sized shelter has two of these ridges. Even though the structural engineer said that it wasn’t necessary, there is an additional center support in every shelter for added safety. This is a heavy steel, vertical leg in the center of the shelter that provides additional protections against the top being crushed down. A wider King bed-sized shelter has two of these center support legs. These supports can easily be removed to increase mobility inside the shelter.

The heavy-duty steel A.C.E. Storm Shelter shown without a mattress on top.

Quick Latch Doors

Unlike some tornado shelters that require you to operate three separate latches to secure the door, our door latch requires one quick motion to instantly and securely close and latch the door in three places. The quick‑latch door is another reason that you can safely wait longer to enter our shelter. You and your family may then lie comfortably with door open until the last second.

An ACE storm shelter door showing the heavy steel three-point latching mechanism, which is activated by a single quick motion.

Changing Bed Sizes Not a Problem

The shelters are designed to allow you to go from a Queen bed-sized shelter to a King or vice versa with minimal additional mounting holes needing to be installed or removed.

Self-Installation or Hire an Installer

In order to keep the price as low as possible, our shelters are designed so the average person, or couple, can easily install it themselves. With the modular design, it's easy to carry all the pieces of the shelter into your bedroom. There are only a couple of pieces that weigh around 100 lbs. each. The remaining pieces weigh much less. The largest piece can easily be carried into the bedroom by two people or brought into any bedroom on a dolly by one person. Installation isn’t complicated, but it will take you half a day, or more, to complete the installation correctly. Check out the A.C.E. Shelter Installation Instructions to see just how easy it is.

Don't Pay for Delivery Unless You Need It

Because our modular shelter can be hauled in a standard size pickup truck, we have made delivery a separate cost. If you would like to do the installation but don't have a truck, give us a call and we can determine your delivery cost.

Physical Limitation Concerns

If your primary concern is whether or not you’re physically able to quickly enter the shelter under your bed, you may want to crawl into your shelter ahead of time on nights when a tornado is forecast and go to sleep with the door open. If you are alerted to a tornado hitting near your home, you simply close the door and you’re safe. No other shelter gives you this comfortable option.

Size of Our Shelters

Our shelter is 19 inches tall and the same length as your bed from head to foot. From side to side, it's 5 inches narrower than your bed on each side. It has a 5-inch mattress lip on each side that holds the mattress up. This 5-inch recessed area allows you to stand next to your bed without the shelter being in the way of your feet.

Nearly everyone who has tested our shelter has commented that there is a lot more space inside than they expected. The length inside is 78 inches, so it can easily accommodate a person over 6 feet tall.

Moving? This Shelter Goes with You

It’s easy to unbolt your shelter from the floor and take it apart so it can go with you if you move. You would simply cut off the anchoring bolts in the floor and replace the bedroom flooring.

We Only Sell “Under Your Bed” Storm Shelters

We realize our unique design isn’t suitable for everyone, but we truly believe it is a much needed alternative! There are plenty of companies that sell the standard types of shelters, but our design is innovative enough that we do not need to compete with them.

Why Our Shelters Are Not Painted

A primary design goal was to keep the retail price as low as possible so more families could afford to be protected. The EPA has strict paint booth regulations that requires expensive equipment that would add hundreds to the retail price. Since our shelter is hidden under your bed—and in a climate controlled room—painting it simply isn’t necessary. The prototype shelter that has been under our bed for over two years has, for the most part, developed only minor surface rust. We use the cleanest steel possible for production models and protect the finished pieces from getting wet. We guarantee that your properly installed shelter will never rust to a point that it reduces the strength of the steel. Of course you can paint your shelter if rusting is a concern.

We Can Sell and Ship Just About Anywhere

Our shelters are modular so they can be shipped anywhere tornadoes are a concern. Our main base of operation is Tulsa, OK but we can ship anywhere. Let us know where you live and we will determine your shipping cost. 

Where Our Shelter Won’t Work

  • They can’t be installed under beds with adjustable bed frames or storage drawers under them.
  • They must be attached to a cement house slab so they can’t be installed in houses that have a crawl space or in upstairs bedrooms. They also will not work in mobile homes since there is no cement floor.
  • They can’t be installed in rented homes or apartments—unless you have a very understanding landlord—because many anchoring holes must be drilled into the bedroom flooring.
  • They shouldn’t be installed in a bedroom where you might want to later move the bed to another location in the room.

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