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L ocal inventor said no to high-cost, uncomfortable, and inconvenient shelters and built an F5-rated shelter for his family—and now you can get one, too. Live in Tulsa metro or Oklahoma City metro area? Call for free delivery.

A Squeak and the High Cost of Safety

The founder and principle designer of the A.C.E. family of under-bed storm shelters, Russell Girod, came up with the idea while shopping for a shelter to protect his own family. It was  important to him that the shelter be a comfortable place to wait until the all-clear was sounded (otherwise he'd be tempted to wait too long and risk injury or death). Not finding anything that met his criteria and suffering from sticker shock at the prices he found, he was sure he could build one cheaper. 

Around the same time the foundation of their king-sized bed developed an annoying squeak. Ever the practical one, Russell decided he could fix both problems at the same time. The idea of the under-bed storm shelter was born.

As he worked out the details of his idea, he wanted to help other families get the same high-quality, high-value protection he had. So he hired an expert tornado shelter engineer to review his design, paid a research lab to test and certify it, and then worked with a couple of steel fabricators to produce it.

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We serve Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and nearby communities. Our shelters are modular so they can be shipped to you if you live outside of these areas. Call us to discuss your options.