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A.C.E. STORM shelters honored as a Tulsa Startup finalist and meets FEMA testing guidelines. The media kit tells how this innovator makes the best storm protection affordable.

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What's happening with storms and storm shelters.

A.C.E. Storm Shelters

Broken Arrow Man Creates Storm Shelter You Can Sleep On

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - You've heard of tornado shelters that are built in your garage or underground—but what about under your bed? A Broken Arrow man is building a prototype for a storm shelter you can sleep on. Watch video >

'Under-the-Bed' Tornado Shelter Meets FEMA Testing Guidelines

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - A Broken Arrow man has now meet FEMA testing guidelines for a tornado shelter that fits under your bed.Watch video >

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Storm Shelters . . . Float Up From Underground

CATOOSA, Oklahoma - A Catoosa man finally has a safe place to go during severe weather after not one, but two of his storm shelters floated up from the ground. Watch video >

Storm Shelters Of All Types Performed Well In Moore Tornado

More than 3,000 shelters are registered in the city of Moore, and the city says everyone who took shelter inside one of them survived the storm. Watch video >

Woman Drowns in Her Storm Shelter

It's important to know what type of shelter is best for your property—above-ground or in-ground.  Watch video >

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Here are a few items to quickly bring you up to speed on our products and the story behind them.  

Press Release—October 2017: About A.C.E. Storm Shelters

Higher Resolution Images—October 2017: A zip file containing larger versions of several images on this site